After my first son was born I was looking for a nice baby album, but I couldn't find anything I liked. I was looking for something in a “shabby chic style”. After my second son was born, we had a photographer come over to do a newborn photoshoot. The style and colors of the pictures were so beautiful that I wanted to find an album that matched the photo's. No luck...

So I asked another photographer and if he could make an album since he was also making wedding albums, but it was still too plain for my taste.

Every month I write a little letter to my boys, telling them about the progress they've made and the funny things they do. I also wanted to put those in their albums. So I started looking again.

By “accident” I discovered the art of scrapbooking and since I do have a creative bone in me, I then decided to try and make my own albums.

There are more people who sell mini albums and scrapbooks, but everybody has their own style and if you like mine I want to give you the opportunity to have the album you want.


Buon divertimento!